Snapchat launches Spectacles V2

No yellow ring alerting people to the camera. Underwater-capable. Classier colors with lighter lenses. Prescription options. Faster syncing. And a much slimmer frame and charging case. Snapchat fixed the biggest pain points of its Spectacles camera sunglasses with V2. The specs of Spectacles
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We’re More Honest With Our Phones Than With Our Doctors

While most people are willing to tell Google their most embarrassing symptoms, they aren’t us upfront with researchers, health professionals or even spouses. But today, with a number of new apps and in the age of the quantified self, researchers have an unprecedented
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Snapchat Killed the Millennial Star

Snapchat is to the 25-year-old and under what Facebook was to millennials. It has become the third-most popular social network with 100 million users a day under the age of 25. And Snapchat represents huge generational differences – young people giving undivided attention,
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Innovative Online Advertising Solutions that accelerate profits and visibility.

LiveLink Interactive Marketing Strategies utilize the marketing psychology behind brand identification, and creates the most visual connection/association to the customer. Spotlight clients would have access to promote products/services multiple ways while further developing their brand image, products or services. Opportunity can be created for lesser developed companies, or brands, through strategic delivery methods provided by Spotlight (Greater Detroit Marketplace concept).

LiveLinks would utilize our client(s) corporate, product or brand logo to increase business-to-consumer relationships. Use of these images will be paired with customer reviews, star ratings and method to redirect for consumer to connect. LiveLinks would lead consumers to a client(s) predetermined destination, i.e. shop page, corporate website, offers page. Another avenue would be a secondary (pop-up) window open allowing consumers to view multiple offers, products, deals and such.

Most advertisements and creatives are built and optimized for a desktop audience. What many marketers forget is they leave money on the table when they fail to optimize their campaigns for mobile users.

In the U.S., consumers spend more time on their mobile devices than they do on desktop computers. The future of marketing is mobile, as audiences have long shifted their attention towards smaller screens with lightening fast Internet connections.

Marketers waste millions each year on desktop-optimized ads that are delivered to mobile audiences. Companies, instead, should prioritize developing mobile-optimized ads first, and worry about desktop traffic later.

Live Links takes advantage of all viewing experiences including mobile, tablets, and desktop devices.

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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Your reputation is important and your online reputation has become a calling card for your company.
Graphic Design

Graphic Design

We develop marketing materials utilizing graphic images, content and visuals to express the details and essence of your business or personality.
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO services help to ensure that your site is accessible to all search engines and ranked highly.
Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Services, help our clients manage time-consuming tasks on a day-to-day basis.

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Creative Solutions

At Binary Breakthroughs we combine world-class technologies and premium content, we create experiences that shape the digital world. Creativity is at our core. Our People are empowered to push boundaries and challenge the norm. They look at what’s possible, and then take it further.



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Help customers stay connected, giving your customers the ability to follow your company is the biggest way to gain loyalty. When using Instagram be sure to keep it real. You want to come off as a real person not just a “brand”. We will not use Instagram solely for advertisement. We want people to become aware of who you are behind the scenes. Instagram is a great place to show off your products in beautiful environments.

Instagram has over 80 million active viewers. We will help you stay engaged with your followers on Instagram. We do not want you to start a new social network and vanish. We want it to be a successful attempt to outreach your target market. That does not mean post every day.Having a  posting schedule is important. Try posting every other day. Find what works for you and your audience. Using Instagram can be a rapid method to build brand recognition and customer loyalty.

We will also make sure you are using your Instagram photos solely on Instagram. Posting the same photos on different social networks is forcing too much of the same information down someone’s throat. One post per network! If you think it will help spread awareness this may be a good idea. Choose wisely. Maybe display a before picture on one network and then share a link to the after picture on Instagram. Binary Breakthroughs will help you be creative with your strategy on Instagram. Using Instagram can encourage word of mouth activity and lead to potential customers.